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Refer your friends and family to join our great company!

When you refer a contact that gets hired to a NIGHT SHIFT position at Gossner Foods, you will be eligible to receive a total of $1,000 as a referral bonus! All employees are eligible to make a referral!

The $1,000 total referral bonus will be paid to you in three installments. You will receive $200 when your referral gets hired, $300 when they reach 90 days of employment, and $500 when they reach 180 days of employment. Your referral must reach these employment lengths for you to receive the corresponding bonus payment. You must also be employed at those anniversary dates to get the bonus.

To submit for the bonus, just have your referral apply for a Night Shift job and enter your name when asked if they were referred by an employee! Our open jobs and application can be found at:

Some of these benefits include: bonuses, paid holidays, HSA match, onsite cafeteria, free life insurance, free health insurance for employees, company gatherings and gifts, competitive wages, and producing important dairy products that are healthy and locally made with local milk!

What better way to find more awesome people than by asking the awesome people we already know to help us?!

Contact Nate Peterson or Alex Rodriguez with questions about this Referral Program! CALL (435)227-2707

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