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EMI Dental Plan 

Take Care of your smile with EMI Health Dental Insurance. Your Dental plan offers access to hundreds of thousands of in-network providers throughout the country. You can have peace of mind due to your rich benefits and broad coverage. 

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Phone: 800.662.5851

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Dental and Vision 

As part of the comprehensive health insurance coverage, Gossner Foods offers employees the option to select dental and vision coverage for themselves and their dependents

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HealthSmart Dental Plan


Good oral care enhances overall physical health, appearance and mental well-being. Problems with the teeth and gums are common and easily treated health problems. Keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright with the Gossner Foods dental benefit plan.


Phone: 888.745.3274

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EMI Vision Plan


Regular eye examinations can not only determine your need for corrective eyewear but also may detect general health problems in their earliest stages. Protection for the eyes should be a major concern to everyone.

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Phone: 800.662.5851

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